Security Training

Security Awareness Training Program.

Empower your Human Firewall
The Employee Secure Score (ESS)
Create Cybersecurity Superheroes

Training Intro

Why Cybersecurity Training

Empower your human firewall

Program benefits include:

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Training made easy:

The Employee Secure Score (ESS)

Get insight into your organization’s human security threats at a glance.

Factoring in metrics such as:

Our Employee Secure Score – or ESS – analyzes your staff’s potential security risk to your organization. Staff is assigned high, medium, and low-risk scores and given recommendations to reduce your organizations’s overall risk level.

Creating cybersecurity superheroes

How can I set expectations for my staff?

Set expectations, and an example, by going ALL IN!

Security Superheroes

How do I motivate my staff?

Celebrate a culture of cybersecurity!  Our program makes cybersecurity fund with a gamified leaderboard and friendly competition.  Celebrate low-risk employees and reward those with high Employee Secure Scores. Some organizations have quarterly competitions and give a gift card to the employee with the highest ESS!

The best part? It’s effortless.


How We Empower Your Business

Protecting Assets, Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Performance

24/7 Accessibility

Access support and monitoring services at any time, ensuring the resilience of your digital operations.

Proactive Security

Maintain a robust security posture, meeting industry compliance requirements.

Rapid Issue Resolution

Immediate support for IT issues, minimizing disruptions.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, our services scale with you, adapting to your evolving IT needs.

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